RAD-150, also known as TLB-150, is a popular sarm research chemical known for its benefits for muscle mass, endurance and body performance. It is a perfect addition to the heavy training phases that will consistently advance and optimally and unimpededly rebuild the body. Rad-150 has similar effects to Testosterone. Although rad150 is not known to have adverse effects, the effect of Rad150 on muscle growth was close to that of utilizing high doses of Testosterone. Rad-150 is very similar in its benefits to testosterone steroids, but you will not experience any adverse side effects such as hair loss and harmful effects on internal organs. RAD-140 vs RAD-150 RAD-140 began as a safer substitute for natural testosterone (testosterone replacement therapy). Both chemicals have a similar structure and function, however, RAD 150 is anabolic. RAD-150 has a benzoate ester group. Increased alkalinity stabilises TLB-150. The molecule is more like natural testosterone; therefore, it attaches to androgen receptors more easily. The anabolic ester RAD-150 operates faster and lasts longer than other SARMs. Anabolic chemicals have higher bio-availability, which implies they’re absorbed faster. A longer half-life permits the body to remove the molecule more slowly. RAD 150 works quickly and for 48 hours or more. The RAD-140 and RAD-150 work well together. SARMs and growth hormones can be combined to boost activity. Rad-150 is an investigational compound still awaiting FDA approval and is not a dietary supplement. For research purposes only.

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