Wounds and tissue healing Lowers blood pressure Muscle recovery Pain reduction Reduction in fat mass Some anabolic effects Anti-aging Increased well-being BPC 157 is a peptide consisting of 15 amino acids and is naturally occurring in human gastric juice. Thus, BPC 157 possesses GI protective properties, including alleviation from ulcers, bowel issues, or Crohn’s disease. We see much promise for BPC 157 in medicine as a potent systemic healing agent. BPC 157 has very positive effects on the muscles, tendons, CNS (central nervous system), and inflammation. It also has a profound impact on wound healing and tissue damage, commonly caused by corticosteroid use. We have also found BPC 157 to have cardioprotective attributes, inducing angiogenesis (new blood vessel formation). BPC 157 has been described as a “miracle agent” due to its Wolverine-like healing capabilities.

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